Are you copying someone’s Personality?

When you browse through videos on Instagram Reels, you come across similar content. We can say that it’s a latest trend which teens and even adults are following these days. When you follow someone on social media, the reasons can be many, but if noted wisely, you will feel like they have been copied.

One of the main reason is to gain popularity. Some even gain that, but at a point that also fades since you have always been living in someone’s shadow.

When i work on Instagram, i usually come across similar content, but if you observe closely, even if the content are similar but you will only get attached to one of them rather than both. The way its written might attract you, you might even like it after knowing that the writer is a cute girl or a handsome guy. Reasons are endless and way beyond our understanding. But at a point you will end up loving the Original version only, it might take months or years but eventually you will.

I’m writing this article to make my point clear and ask the person reading this message, Who are you truly? What do you like? What’s your aim?

Are you doing it just cause the person you like or admire did it?

Think and answer this, take as much time as you want, but the goal is what do you want, is this a life you wish to live just cause someone else walked before you on the same path.

A small tip, everyone admires you for life long when you have made or decided what you want to be on your own and not copied it.

In short a decision maker is more appreciated and honoured, other than a follower.

So Listen wisely, “Be a Leader, Not someone’s Follower”

Doing Copy Paste in life is easy, but cracking out of that nutshell and discovering a new world all together only for yourself is a task

If you don’t have a mind of your own and just like something for the sake of liking or admiring someone, you will always be pushed around by people.

I admired a man, who was known for his humanity at his workplace, i had heard all the stories from his colleagues about how things were and even from those who were family friends. Somewhere even i wanted to do what he did. But while doing the things he did, i understood i admire him and respect him, that’s it. I’m not him and i can’t be him, he is my motivator, coach and my dad.

It took me years to figure out my true self, since you can’t do it overnight. You will fail, you will feel like giving up, but there will be miracles in life when you actually achieve your goals.

A medal won’t tell you that you are great but people’s words will. Especially that one person whom you admired for a really long time.

So get out there and explore yourself more, don’t just copy paste your life, as they say you live once so make it worth watching for the coming generations.

You can start doing that by choosing simple task like when you visit a restaurant, think what you want to eat, rather than asking your partner, what he or she wants and ordering the same dish.

While going for a movie, choose which one you wish to watch, its ok to tell your friend that next time they can choose the movie.

Make up your mind for once, it will surely help you to reach your desired destination soon.

All the Best Buddy!!!

CopyRight Content — Aratrika

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Instagram — @iammaskedbutterfly

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Aratrika N

Aratrika N

Entrepreneur & budding Writer. You can follow me on Instagram — @iammaskedbutterfly. If my articles & poem can inspire someone. Well that would be awesome ❤ ❤