Twin Flames Reunion Event

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“Agar kisi bhi cheez koh shidaat se chaho, toh puri kayanaat usse tumhe milane meh lag jaati hai” (If you love something very sincerely, so the entire Universe plays its important role to make you unite) , these are the words I heard in Om Shanti Om movie (Bollywood), but today they are making an impact in the real scenario too.

I thought maybe I’m losing my mind when I was hearing this again and again, or maybe even posting it on my Whatsapp status a day before. But I keep on seeing the sequence repeatedly, that’s when I decided, I should share the upcoming phenomena in coming days. Everything starts from the very moment you read this article, since will be sending a lot of blessings to this article specifically.

Currently many among the Divine Feminine would be stuck at a point where they weren’t supposed too, they might be even having a gut feeling that this wasn’t how it supposed to be or this wasn’t even written in my destiny. The reason why you ended up at the point which you are in currently might be many, but let me tell you, everything is going to change from right this moment. In coming days, you will know who and when things were changed, you might even get angry knowing the truth, since the betrayal was from your close family members, for some it might be their parents. You may think, should I even forgive them?

Number of questions, unanswered mystery, unresolved feelings, trust me it’s going to get messy, but the end result would be satisfying and even in your favour, cause this time, let me clearly tell you, “Queen always wins”.

I say this with confidence, since I believe that every Divine Feminine is the Queen of her Life and no matter how tough the situation gets, at the end victory is hers only by any means.

Some of you might be with your karmic, some on the verge of breaking up a relationship, but seems like you aren’t reaching anywhere, since some scenario happens, and the process stops completely, and you are back again with the same cycle of events. But not this time, this time, the game has changed. With the progress in your spiritual growth in the right way, you will achieve your goal in coming weeks or these months. Yes, I can sense a massive Re- Union event approaching and believe me when I say, “Its Massive”

I believe that miracles can happen overnight, and it will for every one of you who have done their part of job completely. The people who have changed your path of destiny or are stopping you to reach your goal will have to go through the consequences and this will be more devastating than they could have ever imagines. Just a note, don’t get in the way, saying this cause each one of you is an emotional person, seeing your close one hurt, will have an impact on you, but remember one thing, no one has the right to change your destiny other than God. All you can do is Forgive them and move on towards your goal.

I might sound rude in it when I say to focus on your goal but currently it is important. If you look back to what you went through, you will realise, everyone just did what they felt is right, but has anyone asked you, what makes you happy? Or rather Who makes you happy?

After endless union and separation, this time you all have the blessing to settle down one’s and for all. So, rejoice the moments with each other since we don’t know how long we have got to stay on this planet Earth. Yes, since most of us are Starseeds and we are well aware of the fact that we came here for a mission and once it’s complete, it’s time to return back to where we came from. Universe is filled with many mysteries and we are yet to discover and know many things. So, a vast amount of knowledge is yet to be uncovered by us.

As far as, Divine Masculine’s are concerned, they are undergoing a massive realisation phase. They will be getting signs as well as getting to know about their past lives with you. It’s on them how they will be taking the entire scenario into consideration. Either they will be falling in the sorted category or they might end up in confusion. Yes, they need to figure this out on their own. Even they will have a tough time reaching their goal, but as I say this, it’s now or never situation for them.

They need to understand, this is the final fight, either they stand with you or face the consequences. Yes, even Divine Masculine will be facing consequences if they don’t do their job right. And these won’t be normal consequences, they might face major and minor losses in day-to-day life. So, if any Divine Masculine’s are reading this article, requesting you to stay focused and do your job right. Reach to your Divine Feminine and stop running away from the situation. Surrender to the Almighty and accept the gift of your reunion.

Some might take time, so hang in the situation, support each other, try to understand how you can get out of the messy situation together and be in union. So, in short you both are meant to be together and the entire Universe will play its role to make everything possible for you both to reunite and this time it’s forever.

The channelled song which comes up is

“Tere Hoke Rahenge, Dil Jidh peh Aada Hai”

(I will be yours anyhow, the heart has made up it’s mind)

Giving blessings to all the TwinFlames around the Globe, your wait is finally over, it’s time to reunite as one and move on to our next journey.

- Message by Universe

Thank You Universe, Mother Earth, Spirit Guide, Subconscious mind, Angels, Ancestors, Soul Family, Almighty God & Almighty Goddess

Content Writer — Aratrika

Thank you to Snehaa for always guiding me and inspiring me to follow this beautiful path

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